Inphinity Mole: Part of Inphinity Suite

Analyse your
unstructured data with Inphinity Mole

Inphinity Mole is the only Qlik-native, secure & enterprise ready data connector that will turn your data into a structured form and make it ready for analysis.

Inphinity Mole Enterprise ready features and security

Unstructured to structured

Create your own analyses on top of the unstructured data to tap any of the million of unstructured data analytics use cases with Inphinity Mole.

Different file types

Extract content from different files  – word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, openoffice, scans, pictures or emails and many other sources. With Inphinity Mole.

Rely on metadata

The connector will provide metadata about all files, such as names, dates, owners, and other data. With Inphinity Mole.

80% of all data will be unstructured by 2025, are you ready?

Inphinity Mole Unstructured Data Connector will turn your unstructured data into structured and make it ready for analysis! Seamlessly integrating into your Qlik, environment – Inphinity Mole is simple, fast and secure to use.

The unique connector provides metadata of files (names, sizes, authors…) and extracts text content of different file types:

MS Office (docx, pdf, ppt, xlsx,…)
Open Office (odt, odm, ods, sxw,…)
Raw text files (txt, html, csv,…)

Pictures (jpg, tiff, png,…)
E-mail (IMAP server)
Other files (zip, rar, audio, video,…) – only metadata

You can use the only Qlik custom connector that can load and analyze unstructured files, including their content, to enrich your analysis.

Get inspired

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Inphinity Mole Industry Areas

Mole UDC can turn thousands of unstructured CVs into structured data. Therefore, it helps you search them by capabilities, certificates, locations. You can analyze relationships between experiences or sentiment.

Analyze unstructured medical records and release reports. You can combine them with structured data such as diagnoses, length of stay or medication. This dataset for instance can help establish a more accurate diagnosis or optimize the treatment procedures.

Thanks to Mole UDC you can create your internal search engine above your knowledge base.  Combined with Forms you will be able to tag documents or add descriptive information.

Mole UDC gives you an overview of all contracts and other legal documents. As a result, you will be able to find specific information or entity in existing contracts, search for associations in documents.

Browse and analyze client and contacts lists or content of your campaigns. You can prepare data from media monitoring for complex analysis.

Do you want to search over all technical documentation? No problem with Mole UDC. It can also help you prevents duplicate creation and help with support solutions and maintenance.

Unstructured data can be used to assess client’s creditworthiness, helping with analysis of the client’s documentation.

Search all the documentation and research results. Mole UDC gives you a possibility to analyze and evaluate the quality of students’ work and detect plagiarism.

Do you rule your unstructured data or does your unstructured data rule you?