Inphinity Suite

The only Qlik-native workflow & data intelligence suite on the market

Superpowers for your Qlik.

Inphinity Suite – Qlik Native Superpowers for Qlik Sense

Transform your mission critical processes with data
Act Fast, Improve Processes & Unleash the True Value of Data

Inphinity Suite: Add your Qlik Superpowers

Inphinity has brought together 3 Qlik-native technologies into a suite that will transform your Qlik analytics platform with:

Process Intelligence, Workflow & Actions & Data Intelligence

Workflows & Actions

Write-back & chat
with instant feedback in analytics

Planning and modelling
Planning, forecasting, scenario modelling

Document workflows
adding, commenting, and approvals

Custom Business Apps
multiple sources data input consolidation

Mobile apps
real-time data, surveys

Process Intelligence

Visualize & optimize
processes with data

Custom workflows
targets & actions

Manage performance
Links from structures, KPIs, hierarchies to data and results

Data storytelling
navigation, understanding,
data in context of processes

Data Intelligence

Unstructured data
search content and metadata of documents, pictures, emails

Extract meaning
from unstructured data, file duplicates, custom semantic analysis

Data quality
lineage, governance, catalogue, dictionary

The Inphinity Suite: Inphinity Forms, Inphinity Flow and Inphinity Mole

Traditional analytics are great, it can give you some wonderful insight, but what about the action, engagement, and collaboration?

Pushing the Boundaries of Active Analytics

With our global community of customers and partners, our vision is sighted on transforming business outcomes through pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Enabling real-time data, context and actionable intelligence is a lynch pin for success in organisations that truly understand the power of data driven cultures.

We are with you all the way!

An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.