Inphinity Suite Superpowers for Budgeting and Planning

Solution Spotlight Webinar Series

A revolutionary planning solution to simplify the entire process and save you time.

Activate your data intelligence with Qlik and Inphinity Suite Superpowers for Budgeting and Planning

Radovan Oresky
CDO & Partner│Emark Analytics

Angeline Corvaglia
COO │Inphinity …and ex CFO at UniCredit

Martin Kostic
CEO, Founder │EMARK Analytics and Inphinity

Inphinity are pleased to bring to you the first in our Solution Spotlight webinars; Activate your data intelligence with Qlik and Inphinity Suite Superpowers for budgeting and planning.

In this webinar you will hear from industry experts, see customer use cases and learn through a live demo how this solution could truly become an essential part of your budgeting and planning process. All in Qlik, totally secure, enterprise and SaaS ready this solution is revolutionary in the value that it can bring to all businesses;  reducing time, optimising processes, and freeing up decision makers to address other important questions.

Watch now and you’ll learn:

•  Planning gone wrong
•  What is a planning solution in the first place?
•  What are the key elements of the Qlik + Inphinity planning solution and why do they bring value? What customers already use this solution?
•  How can we expand this to other more complex areas/elements of planning?
•  Q&A


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    About the companies

    Inphinity are a Qlik Technology Partner who have brought together 3 Qlik Native technologies into the Inphinity Suite, which will transform your Qlik Analytics platform with process Intelligence, Workflow & Actions & Data Intelligence giving Qlik users the power to take make the right decisions at the right time

    EMARK is a data analytics and digital transformation advisory company, helping people to get more value from their data. Over the past 21 years, EMARK have guided more than 200 businesses and enterprises around the world in building, adopting, and maintaining their data solutions. EMARK is a Qlik Master Reseller in Slovakia, Czechia, and Hungary, and a Qlik Solutions Provider in Australia.

    Our core products

    Actionable analytics for all your structured and unstructured data

    Inphinity Forms

    Enhance your Qlik Sense environment with a natively integrated writeback extension.

    Inphinity Flow

    Visualise, Explore and Understand your Processes in Qlik Sense.

    Inphinity Mole

    Make your unstructured data ready for analysis in the blink of an eye.

    Inphinity Universe

    Step into the world of ready-to-use business intelligence apps.

    Angeline Corvaglia, Chief Operating Officer at Inphinity

    The more streamlined, integrated, and automated a planning process is, the more time an organization will have to focus on the true value of planning as such: identifying and steering the key trends that make the difference between success and failure over time.

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