Activate you HR Intelligence with Qlik and Inphinity Suite Superpowers

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A revolutionary HR application

Activate your HR intelligence with Qlik and Inphinity Suite Superpowers

Does your business struggle to visualise their hierarchical structure? Do you update it whenever something’s changed? Is it an excel or text file with notes? How do you store information about the goals and improvements of your team members? How fast can you identify the right person for a new project?

Maria Oreska
CTO │ Inphinity

Stephanie Whyte
Lead Qlik Developer│Differentia Consulting

Angeline Corvaglia
COO │Inphinity

Martin Kostic
CEO, Founder │EMARK Analytics and Inphinity

Attend this event and discover how to activate your HR intelligence using Qlik and Inphinity Suite. In this event you will be able to hear from industry analytics experts, see real customer success stories and learn about a variety of use cases. You will also have the opportunity to see a live demo and asks our experts any questions that you may have.


•  Introductions
•  About Inphinity
•  Inphinity for your HR Analytics
•  Customer Success Story (NHS) and Demo
•  Inphinity HR application walkthrough
•  Q&A

Join us for this event and see how your HR function can be visualised, optimised and monitored all in your Qlik Sense with Inphinity Suite.


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    About the companies

    Inphinity are a Qlik Technology Partner who have brought together 3 Qlik Native technologies into the Inphinity Suite, which will transform your Qlik Analytics platform with process Intelligence, Workflow & Actions & Data Intelligence giving Qlik users the power to take make the right decisions at the right time

    Differentia Consulting has provided ERP and BI consulting, solutions, resourcing, support and training services to clients since 2002. Our managed services team support the changing needs of your back office, operational and digital transformation and business-as-usual needs for intelligent analytics supporting hybrid, on premise and cloud deployments.

    Our core products

    Actionable analytics for all your structured and unstructured data

    Inphinity Forms

    Enhance your Qlik Sense environment with a natively integrated writeback extension.

    Inphinity Flow

    Visualise, Explore and Understand your Processes in Qlik Sense.

    Inphinity Mole

    Make your unstructured data ready for analysis in the blink of an eye.

    Inphinity Universe

    Step into the world of ready-to-use business intelligence apps.

    Angeline Corvaglia, Chief Operating Officer at Inphinity

    The HR application, combining Qlik and Inphinity completely revolutionises HR management and analytics. Increasing efficiency and minimising human errors.

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