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Inphinity Flow – a pioneering, revolutionary Qlik Native extension.

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Visualise, Measure and Optimise Your Processes in Qlik Sense

What makes Inphinity Flow Unique…

Process performance management in Qlik Sense


Processes are everywhere in an organisation and are key to unlocking intelligent decision making. Inphinity flow facilitates visualisation, exploration and comprehension of all  processes in Qlik Sense. No more siloed data analysis.


Understanding processes within a company is a crucial part of data literacy. It enables employees to connect the data with activities and understand the real impact of their data-driven decisions. No more expensive and complex tools.


Empower employees and increase their value by enabling them to take actions where the data is, creating an environment where all actions have context. No more write-back without a workflow.

Rob O’Neill, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

The concept of integrating a Qlik native process mapping solution within Qlik Sense and then injecting it with the full power of the Qlik Associative Engine offers inspirational analytical capability. Inphinity have developed a solution to deliver intelligent and augmented process analysis and the range of applications across all industry’s is vast. The writeback with visual workflow significantly raises the bar of what astute business users will come to expect from modern analytical solutions.

Unlocking opportunity

Processes are often ‘locked’ in a blizzard of source systems and informal practice. Inphinity Flow releases the untapped opportunity to visualise, measure, streamline, and improve business outcomes. SIMPLE and FAST, process workflows can be created. Allowing you to collaborate issues, ideas and improvement opportunities across people, process and systems. An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Organisational excellence

A journey of discovery, Inphinity Flow provides the intelligence to optimise your organisational processes and move you towards organisational excellence. Applicable across any industry, through billing, procurement, operations, and accounting, . Inphinity Flow supports a seamless governance and user experience ensuring that collaborating across controls and people has never been easier. Inphinity makes it all simple through it’s Qlik native and secure approach.


Inphinity Flow

Process Intelligence that Pushes the Boundaries of Excellence.

Inphinity Forms

Boost your Qlik Sense with a natively integrated write-back extension.

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Sean Price, VP Industry Solutions at Inphinity

Excellent organisations work hard to understand and optimise their processes. The combination of Inphinity Flow and Forms provides a transformational approach to seeing, measuring and acting on process opportunities. It’s process intelligence that pushes the boundary of innovation.


Model and optimise process change


Discover and understand your processes


Improved governance of actions and overall assurance


Identify variation and opportunities for process change


Provide context in Forms across people, process and system


Measure and alert on process efficiency

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