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Inphinity Flow – a pioneering, revolutionary Qlik Native extension.

Process Performance – Process Efficiency – Process Quality

Visualise, Measure and Optimise Your Processes in Qlik Sense

What makes Inphinity Flow Unique…

Inphinity Flow Process Performance Management in Qlik Sense


Processes are everywhere in an organisation and are key to unlocking intelligent decision making. Inphinity flow facilitates visualisation, exploration and comprehension of all  processes in Qlik Sense. No more siloed data analysis.


Understanding processes within a company is a crucial part of data literacy. It enables employees to connect the data with activities and understand the real impact of their data-driven decisions. No more expensive and complex tools.


Empower employees and increase their value by enabling them to take actions where the data is, creating an environment where all actions have context. No more write-back without a workflow.

Ask yourself these 3 questions

Will process performance, efficiency, quality, automation save you money?
Do you have any compliance requirements?
Is there a gap in employees meeting KPI’s?

If you have answered yes to at least one of them, watch the video

Key areas and use cases

Inphinity Flow
All the key process controls can be combined to support seamless governance
and user experience. Collaborating across controls and people has never been easier..

Discover and understand your process

As Deming said, “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” The first stage in Inphinity Flow is to bring all your data in and identify and visualise your key processes.

Measure process efficiency and alert

Your journey of discovery starts here. Once you have mapped your process, you can start to understand the efficiency through measurement. Design your process KPIs to understand process volumetrics and flow. Variation and opportunity for improvement across people, process and system will become visible. You can even set alerts for when the process moves outside standardised control values.

Identify variation and opportunities for process change

As Jack Welch said, “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” Inphinity Flow gives you the power to quickly identify process intelligence that can be generated into action for improvement. What bits of the process are the least efficient? What people within the process operate with the greatest efficiency? We have this covered.

Provide context across people, process and system

Context is king. Combining Inphinity Flow and Forms provides a unique opportunity to transform traditional process evaluation and move to process intelligence. We believe in giving you the opportunity to engage with analytics and provide professional context to your data. Colleagues across the organisation can engage with the Flow tool and add professional context such as data, text and documents to any area. Removing spreadsheets; discussion, ideas and opportunities can be collaborated through workflows and approvals in a simple and powerful way.

Model and optimise your process change

Monitoring and acting on the process ‘as is’ provides some great opportunities for improvement. But what about looking ahead more and modelling process changes with Flow and Forms. A unique opportunity exists to look at the current state and then model the process efficiency, costs and effectiveness of a future state. What if 10% of your people reduced their time spent processing claims? Adding quantity, quality and costs is made easy through combining our powerful technology combination.

Improved governance of actions and overall assurance

Having visibility and control over your processes provides a fundamental shift in organisational assurance. Excellence does not happen by chance. A scalpel sharp governance through Flow and Forms provides an opportunity to push the boundaries of excellence.

Rob O’Neill, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

The concept of integrating a Qlik native process mapping solution within Qlik Sense and then injecting it with the full power of the Qlik Associative Engine offers inspirational analytical capability. Inphinity have developed a solution to deliver intelligent and augmented process analysis and the range of applications across all industry’s is vast. The writeback with visual workflow significantly raises the bar of what astute business users will come to expect from modern analytical solutions.

Industry areas

Track the journey of patients through the healthcare system and identify blockers and opportunities for greater efficiency and better patient care.

Understand talk time, post-processing (wrap), rest breaks, and much more across call type, department, and down to individual agents.

Understand and optimise your procurement processes across your organisation, product, suppliers, departments, teams, and people for; need, vendor selection; purchase requisition; purchase order; invoice; and payment.

Get the right quantity and quality of materials (or services) to the right place at the right time, for the right client, and at the right price. No matter what kind of business you are in, if you have a supply chain then it’s vital that you have a system of logistics management processes to guide how that chain runs. Without set, trackable methods for ordering and managing stock, fulfilling customer orders, inspecting your facilities, and so on, you’re leaving the success of your business up to random human error.

Visualise processes and seek to optimise and provide improved SLA compliance. Optimise and track employee lifecycles; attracting, selecting, training, etc.

Create a customer journey map, a visual story of your customers’ interactions with your brand or service, and optimise the satisfaction and outcomes delivered. Walk in the shoes of your customers!

Map the complaints journey from; receive and classify; acknowledge; investigate; action and resolution; response; follow up; and lessons learned.

Visualise and map your health and safety processes, ensuring compliance, efficiency and learning is optimised.

Unlocking opportunity

Processes are often ‘locked’ in a blizzard of source systems and informal practice. Inphinity Flow releases the untapped opportunity to visualise, measure, streamline, and improve business outcomes.

SIMPLE and FAST, process workflows can be created. Allowing you to collaborate issues, ideas and improvement opportunities across people, process and systems. Enhancing your ability to make informed decisions quickly to benefit all business outcomes.

An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Organisational excellence

A journey of discovery, Inphinity Flow provides the intelligence to optimise your organisational processes and move you towards organisational excellence. Applicable across any industry, through billing, procurement, operations, and accounting, .

Inphinity Flow supports a seamless governance and user experience ensuring that collaborating across controls and people has never been easier.

Inphinity makes it all simple through it’s Qlik native and secure approach.


Model and optimise process change


Discover and understand your processes


Improved governance of actions and overall assurance

Sean Price, VP Industry Solutions at Inphinity

Excellent organisations work hard to understand and optimise their processes. The combination of Inphinity Flow and Forms provides a transformational approach to seeing, measuring and acting on process opportunities. It’s process intelligence that pushes the boundary of innovation.


Identify variation and opportunities for process change


Provide context in Forms across people, process and system


Measure and alert on process efficiency

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