Inphinity Flow Technical Overview

Actionable processes and hierarchies directly in your Qlik Sense. Available in, Qlik Sense Enterprise (on-prem), Qlik Sense SaaS.

One extension, one license, wide range of usage:


Visualize the process with all dependencies, ownership of steps, and related KPIs

Knowing the process, you can calculate different measures, identify and show the bottleneck

Data flow is a process, too – visualize calculations, audit logs, data transformation path in your environment

Use the actionability to open documentation or send an e-mail after clicking on a specific step


Automatically updated transparent hierarchy – company’s structure, divisions…

Associated KPIs on all levels of the hierarchy

Visually appealing drill-down representation of all your categorizations, with related KPIs


Go to a specific sheet, open a story or a different Qlik app – based on when the user clicks

Open external webpages – very useful for documentation

Make specific selections, apply bookmark, set variable value after clicking on a specific node

Create useful navigation inside the Qlik app, across the environment as well as beyond it

Be creative

Inphinity Flow isn’t here to visualize just a specific type of data

The definition comes from a data model

It’s only up to you how you will use it

Qlik native extension:

Nodes, lines, and associations with all other data comes from a data model

Calculate measures within your process or hierarchy

See only nodes associated with current selections

Use Inphinity Flow to select specific nodes directly in the visualization

Data brushing (highlighting) option is available

Defined by expression to utilize Qlik behavior

To define measure use expressions as in any other visualization

Measures will be automatically calculated on all nodes where it makes sense regarding the data model

Since the definition comes from a data model, your process/hierarchy will be automatically updated after the reload

All actions and navigation options as in Qlik button is available… and a few more 😉

Definition of your own node types uses Qlik content libraries. Can it be more Qlik native?

Full of actions:

Open a master visualisation in a pop-up window

Make, clear, lock selections

Set variable value

Apply bookmark

Go to the first, last, specific sheet

Open a story

Open a website in a new/the same window

Question, alert – pop-ups within your browser

Customizable design:

Predefined node types are available by default

Pick a color

Upload an icon

Customize additional options

All texts and measures, line type and width can be defined by expression on both levels, nodes and lines

Emojis are supported 😁

A lot of content available:

Demo applications are available on our demo portal

You can download their templates for free

Documentation available directly from the properties panel

Bi-weekly video series focused on different technical aspects

Step-by-step guides on how to implement specific features

Tips and tricks included 😉

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