Consolidate your sustainability data and reporting in one place and leverage the power of data driven insights for better decision-making and actions.

All of your ESG Data in one place

  • Unified access to ESG data
  • Upload supporting documents and references
  • Vigorous quality assurance and audit environment

Simplified Reporting

  • Eliminate spreadsheets and emails
  • Modernise reporting through workflow automation, status monitoring and process intelligence
  • Secure, simple and can be accessed on the fly

Actionable analytics

  • Transparency around the next steps to take in your uninterrupted development process.
  • Up-to-date, analytics guiding you through the evolution sustainability policies and guidelines
  • Customised dashboards for all levels of the organisation
  • Take the right actions at the right time to ensure compliance

Our ESG Solution enables businesses to visualise, manage and take action on processes directly in a collaborative BI solution. Enabling your business to plan for your carbon reduction objectives and initiate a culture of environmentally friendly decision making driven by data.

Understanding processes is a critical element to enabling a business to appreciate the importance of the carbon reduction programme (net zero) for example as well as creating a business culture around data literacy. Giving employees the analytics tools to understand the real environmental impact of their data-driven decisions is key to creating change. Applicable across any industry, this ESG solution establishes a unified governance and end user experience, guaranteeing that collaborating across controls and people is simple, easy and secure.

Provide your team with a solution that saves hours of their time spent on meetings or consolidating different spreadsheets.