Inphinity work in partnership to bring our Qlik native extension tools to the Qlik community. We have a growing partner network who we work closely with to ensure that end users are getting the most out of their investment in Qlik Sense. In partnership Inphinity enable the creation of better business solutions, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving Qlik user satisfaction.

Our Partners

Focus Partners

RBC Group, Ukraine

RBC Group is one of the leading IT-consulting companies in the CIS marketplace. Our consultants more than 10 years deliver successful implementation of Information Management Solutions built on international ERP and BI platforms.

Decimal Point, India

Decimal Point Analytics is a 15 year old, financial services company providing Research, Data Management Solutions and Advanced Analytics Services. Majority of our clients are from the financial markets. We have helped our clients by deploying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects

Catalyst IT, UK

Catalyst is an IT solutions business delivering industry leading Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions across our two propositions: Catalyst BI Through organic growth and acquisitions, Catalyst have consolidated our Qlik, Business Intelligence customers from within Catalyst IT, Informance and QlickIT .

Data Wizards, Poland

We are a group of several Qlik technology enthusiasts. Our team members were responsible for introducing Qlik products to the Polish market in 2007, creating a sales, implementation and marketing strategy.

BPX, Poland

BPX is a global consulting firm helping companies navigate business transformation through innovative enterprise solutions. Leveraging our skilled, global workforce, established partnerships, deep consulting expertise and the BPX Solution Center Network, BPX delivers global solutions that matter.

Hogart Business Intelligence, Poland

The mission of Hogart Business Intelligence (HBI) is to deliver the latest innovative BI solutions implemented using best practices and methodologies. This provides our customers with effective analytical tools at best value for money and in shortest implementation times.

Plaut Consulting, Romania

Plaut Consulting Romania combines business and management consulting with solution-oriented IT implementations and offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of SAP, Business Intelligence and QlikView Data Discovery Solutions, as well as IT services.

EMARK Analytics, APAC

​At EMARK Analytics, we’re here to help your business succeed on the digital transformation journey. Since our founding in 2000, we’ve guided countless clients to help them utilize data and deliver actionable insights. Using Qlik, the world’s top data analytics & integration platform, we deliver end-to-end solutions from raw data to valuable insights. You can count on our team to deliver the best results for your organisation.

Tallmaker, Norway

Tallmaker is a Norwegian company that works with numbers. Your numbers. Our disciplines are Business Intelligence, Analytics, data warehouses and corporate governance.

Differentia Consulting - Logo

Differentia Consulting, UK

A UK based independent IT management consulting company, that focuses on the delivery of #SmarterBI or Intelligent Analytics(BI/OI) solutions, mostly ERP centric, that offer agility. Adopting a ‘business-centric’​ approach that results in greater buy-in and positivity towards change. Differentia Consulting has an ERP/Big4(5) consulting heritage. We add value by providing you with a range of solutions and services that complement your transactional systems such as ERP packages, for example; Oracle; JD Edwards; (EnterpriseOne and World), E-Business, PeopleSoft. SAP Microsoft and Infor ERP systems. Differentia Consulting is sector agnostic, with clients in Consumer, Manufacturing, Not for Profit, Services, Media, Healthcare and Pub. Sector/Government.

RIC Consulting, South Africa

RIC Consulting is recognised as a leader in the field of Business Intelligence in South Africa. Really Intelligent Consulting RIC understands that each client is unique, with unique needs, and takes great care to understand them and their business environment and dynamics, thereby providing solutions that are critical, tangible and measurable, and ensuring a return on investment. With our dedicated focus on Qlik we assist our clients to create real value with their data whilst empowering the end business user. We achieve this by combining our experience and knowledge of business and business intelligence software

i-keex, LATAM

We are passionate about technology, innovation and data, but we are more passionate about our clients achieving profitable transformations in their businesses. We are focused on understanding your business and how our technology platforms and services can help make it more agile and competitive

GINQO, Canada

Your Team of Qlik Sense and QlikView Implementation Specialists. With over 25 years experience in implementing software solutions at many companies, the GINQO team specializes in enterprises seeking for assistance to take data and analytics as triggers and opportunities for Digital Transformation. We are focused on the Qlik Sense and QlikView platform as well as other complementary technologies. Our team has a passion for taking your disparate systems and data sources into interactive applications where information becomes actionable, visual, easy to understand and turns data into knowledge to transform your business.

Polestar Solutions & Services, India

Polestar enables enterprises in their digital transformation journey by offering Consulting & Implementation Services related to Data, Analytics & Cloud Infrastructure. Our team comprises of BAs, Consultants, Project Managers and Delivery Heads with a Big-4 background. Our experts help you plan, execute and setup processes to accomplish intended business outcome. We have delivered our services for over 120 clients across some prominent and pioneering technologies like #Qlik (Elite Partners), Microsoft #PowerBI (Gold Partners) & #Azure, #Tableau, #SAS and #Anaplan for Enterprise Performance Management. Our in-house research lab has conceived multiple plug-n-play apps, toolkits and plugins to streamline implementation and faster time-to-market.

EMARK Analytics, Slovakia

EMARK is a data analytics and digital transformation advisory company, helping people to get more value from their data. Over the past 21 years, we have guided more than 200 businesses and enterprises around the world in building, adopting, and maintaining their data solutions. We deeply focus on proven technologies – Qlik, Snowflake, Inphinity, and others. Our drive and passion for data-driven solutions resulted in being officially named a Qlik Master Reseller in Slovakia, Czechia, and Hungary, and a Qlik Solutions Provider in Australia. Our team of more than 50 specialists loves to address every data challenge because we believe in data helping to drive better decisions.

Pushing the Boundaries of technology
to create excellence

I want my organisation to be outstanding. I want high performing teams. I want high performing colleagues. Creating a culture of success relies on excellent people, processes and systems.

8 Key steps for success

Map your process

Firstly, as Deming said “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” The first stage in Inphinity Flow is to bring all your data in and identify and visualise your key processes

Design your KPIs

Once you have mapped your process with Flow, you can start to understand the efficiency through measurement and context. Design your process KPIs to understand process volumetrics and compliance

Understand process, people and system opportunities

Variation and opportunity for improvement across people, process and system will become visible, allowing you to identify opportunities to drive up efficiency and effectiveness.

Record, model and collaborate accross colleagues

Setting up simple workflows, improvement opportunities can be recorded and even modelled in Inphinity Forms and collaborated across the organisation for comment and approval.

Monitor process compliance

New processes and key metrics can be monitored for compliance in real-time (even alerts), engaging colleagues with the ability to add comments and ideas for further improvement.

Maintain integrated documentation

All key documentation that would normally sit in spreadsheets and word documents can be stored in Forms to support an integrated system approach.

Insight and act

Draw insight and act.

Evaluate and improve

Evaluate and continue to improve your delivery.

Solution led for any to create any industry!

So, for example, in finance, Waterfall Asset Management start and end the day with Qlik and Forms powering investment decisions. 7 billion pounds worth of assets. Literally up on their screen driving real-time decisions and validation. Its powerful, powerful stuff guys.

And in healthcare, innovative leaders like Rob O’Neill from Morecambe Bay NHS Trust, are using forms operationally to support Covid 19 resource management, through to using it for managing projects! The flexibility to tackle all areas of business is such a key strength

And along with specific industries, you can deploy Inphinity products across your enabling services, for example, HR. How about creating a recruitment workflow with content and approvals – all in your Qlik environment? Or real time auditing using our Audit Genie? The list goes on. We have something for everyone.

We are with you all the way!

An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

And what about business value? Shortening processes, reducing variation across people, eliminating bottle necks, making visible and collaborating on performance opportunities – all drive large efficiency and effectiveness gains.

Imagine at scale, reducing process lengths by 1%, 5%, 10%.

Imagine reducing operating variance for people in the process by 25%.

Imagine being able to identify and rectify process failure in real-time. Imagine being able to have a holistic assurance against all your operational and enabling areas.

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