Inphinity Suite Capabilities

Superpowers for your Qlik

Transform your mission-critical processes with data

Navigate in analytics and manage workflows from your Qlik

Visualize, measure, and optimize processes in your Qlik

Model scenarios and KPI hierarchies in your Qlik

Automate and execute workflows in your Qlik

Let users create custom workflows in your Qlik

Trigger emails, sms or API actions.

Develop business applications in your Qlik

Upload, categorize, and approve documents in Qlik

Full text search and analysis of document content

(office, pdf, scans, pictures, emails…)

Set up plans, budgets, forecasts, compare with actuals

from simple copy-paste from excel to advanced custom planning process

Turn Qlik to your own social network

Comment, chat, collaborate or set tasks.

Get mobile. Capture data in the field. Surveys, audits…


Pick a task

Capture data

Create report

Use your superpowers

Process Intelligence

Visualize & optimize processes
Evidence-based process flows, bottlenecks, non-standard flows

Create custom workflows
Define workflows, targets, tasks, deadlines, responsibilities, actions (email, sms, api triggers)

Patient pathways, Clinical variation, OP theatre utilization, Manufacturing OEE & capacity optimization, Portfolio relationships

Order to cash, Client communication, Complaints, Supply-chain, Transportation, Inventory management, Downtime, Procurement, Support tickets, Scrap

Data storytelling
Navigation in a workflow across apps, understanding complex calculations, impact of simulations in hierarchies and associations (e.g. pricing, margin, revenue / costs impact analyses…)

Workflows & Actions

Planning, simulations, modelling
Simulation parameters, scenarios, planning, forecasting, budgeting – sales, finance, ops

Data enrichment by users
Categorizing, Custom lists, Comments, Feedbacking (frauds, anomalies, errors in data)

In-app chatting & collaboration
Initiatives, comments, suggestions, feedback, shared selections among users

Business applications
Financial closing, Reconciliation, Portfolio, Stress testing, Workforce, HR cases, Beds, User Access, Capacities, Campaigns, Audits, Risks, Projects, Tasks

Document workflows
Invoices, claims, orders, bills, requests – uploads, workflows, approvals, sign-offs, actions

In-store audits and surveys, mystery shopping, in-the-field data input via tablets and phones

Data Intelligence

Legal docs
Contracts, sanctions, categories, links

Office docs
Invoices, claims, POs, CVs: IDs, items, values, names, skills, references

Technical docs
Specs, data sheets, tests, manufacturing standards, design, patents, norms

Web pages
Web page content, prices from portals (cars…)

File duplicates, unnecessary files
Duplicate files, locations, users, dates

Personally identifiable information
Required by GDPR, HYPAA, Privacy Act

Industry-specific docs
Police investigation reports, related cases, clinical coding, written patient records, email or documents semantics in marketing, etc.

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