Inphinity Mole Technical Overview

Unstructured files turned into structured data in your data model. Ready to be used and analyzed.

Qlik custom files connector:



Word (as is in the file)

Word count & specific positions

OCR is supported for images & scans

Can be cleaned/optimized within Qlik script


File name and full path

Author & owner

Creation & last modification date

File size & file type

Recipients (relevant for e-mails)


List of domain users

List of system users

Groups will be loaded, too


Filename (incl. full path)

Principal (user/group name)

Permission type & action

Different file types supported:

MS Office (docx, pdf, ppt, xlsx,…)
Open Office (odt, odm, ods, sxw,…)
Raw text files (txt, html, csv,…)

jpg, jpeg





Via IMAP protocol

Sender, recipients

Sent date, received date



Attachment and it’s content (if file type is supported)

For other file types, metadata is available


Audio, video formats

Content of other file types can be added based on the demand

Qlik custom connector:

The next-style installer is available

OCR installation included if needed

Fast deployment

Different log levels available

After next-style installation, Inphinity Mole is available within the list of all Qlik connectors

A new connection can be created directly from the Qlik script (as for any other Qlik connector)

Maximum security

No 3rd party integration needed

Output is directly in the data model

Selftest function available (check after the installation)

Possibility to load all files from a specific folder/subfolders by using the right syntax (wildcards supported)

Wide range of customization (e.g. OCR language(s), min length of words to be scanned,…)

Many different settings to optimize performance available (concurrent threads, timeout…)

A lot of content available:

Demo applications are available on our demo portal

You can download their templates for free

Documentation available directly from the installer

Bi-weekly video series focused on different technical aspects

Step-by-step guides on how to implement specific features

Tips and tricks included 😉

Explore our demo portal

Watch webinars to get inspired by others

See what’s new in the news section

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Follow us on YouTube not to miss any new video

If you’re missing anything, contact us

Wide range of use cases:

Inphinity Mole can turn thousands of unstructured CVs into structured data. Therefore, it helps you search them by capabilities, certificates, locations. You can analyze relationships between experiences or sentiment.

Check the FREE demo app, HR Team Management.

Analyze unstructured medical records and release reports. You can combine them with structured data such as diagnoses, length of stay, or medication. This dataset for instance can help establish a more accurate diagnosis or optimize the treatment procedures.

Thanks to Iphinity Mole File Connector you can create your internal search engine above your knowledge base.  Combined with Inphinity Forms you will be able to tag documents or add descriptive information.

Inphinity Mole gives you an overview of all contracts and other legal documents. As a result, you will be able to find specific information or entity in existing contracts, search for associations in documents.

Browse and analyze client and contacts lists or the content of your campaigns. You can prepare data from media monitoring for complex analysis.

Do you want to search over all technical documentation? No problem with Inphinity Mole! It can also help you prevents duplicate creation and help with support solutions and maintenance.