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Do you rule unstructured data or unstructured data rules you?

We will introduce Mole which empowers Qlik users to take full control of unstructured data. What could you achieve if you were able to load text content from any files such as documents, pictures, emails, web pages, etc. into Qlik?

There is a number of areas where unstructured data can make a difference, e.g. HR analytics, tech & manufacturing, lawyers, financial institutions, retail and distribution, healthcare, marketing, education, etc.

We will also present a Qlik app leveraging the power of unstructured and structured data to identify sensitive or personal data.

We have used Mole Unstructured Data Connector to develop a ready-made solution for Qlik customers and partners to minimize business and financial risks related to data privacy issues and leakage of personally identifiable information (PII & GDPR). We will demonstrate this solution at the webinar, as well.

Find the answers to your questions…

Unstructured data analysis

    • How to leverage text content from documents, pictures, e-mails, webpages and other sources for your business?
    • How to include logs and metadata into your analysis?
    • What are typical use case of unstructured data analysis?

Sensitive data and personally identifiable information

    • Can you identify every piece of sensitive data even in your unstructured data sources? Who has access to these sensitive data?
    • How can you identify content related to an entity (person, company, etc.) without having the exact definition of the association?
    • What content should we erase if someone requests to „be forgotten“? Where should I start?
    • Did someone send an e-mail with sensitive data? Who received it?
    • How much space I can save deleting my old or duplicate files?


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