Performance Suite

Pushing the boundaries of performance, efficiency and quality with the Qlik native Inphinity Performance Suite

Welcome to the 4th generation of analytics
from Inphinity

Inphinity have taken traditional analytics and developed a 4th generation. The 3rd generation talked about the democratisation of analytics but fell short of a vital component – the human element. Inphinity believe that when technology and people come together actionable analytics is truly enabled.

Inphinity create solutions that bring people into the analytics – literally. Allowing you to see, interact and then ADD context to support better outcomes, across your entire organisation – a real game changer for Qlik customers.

Inphinity Performance Suite

High performing organisations collaborate for success. Great things in business are never achieved by one person. Inphinity believe this too when it comes to technology!

Inphinity has brought together 3 Qlik-native technologies into a performance suite that will transform your Qlik analytics platform.

Inphinity Forms

Enhance your Qlik Sense environment with a natively integrated writeback extension.

Inphinity Flow

Visualise, Explore and Understand your Processes in Qlik Sense.

Inphinity Mole

Make your unstructured data ready for analysis in the blink of an eye.

The Inphinity Performance Suite: Inphinity Forms, Inphinity Flow and Inphinity Mole

A huge differentiator. Traditional analytics are great, it can give you some wonderful insight, but what about the action, engagement, and collaboration?

Inphinity believe that success comes from action.

Inphinity Forms: closes the loop on data – add content and data to Qlik apps, create workflows/approvals, add documents/pictures, eliminate spreadsheets and collaborate across colleagues.

Inphinity Flow: release the untapped opportunity to visualise, measure, streamline, and improve business processes and outcomes.

Inphinity Mole: will dig through all unstructured data and bring key insight to the surface that you may never have seen before.

The Inphinity Performance Suite provides the intelligence to optimise organisational processes and move you towards organisational excellence, all in a Qlik native, secure interface.


Pushing the Boundaries of Actionable Analytics

With our global community of customers and partners, our vision is sighted on transforming business outcomes through pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Enabling real-time data, context and actionable intelligence is a lynch pin for success in organisations that truly understand the power of data driven cultures.

We are with you all the way!

An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.