Inphinity Forms Technical Overview

Available in, Qlik Sense Enterprise (on-prem), Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, and Qlik Sense Business.

Choose your Qlik environment:

Qlik Sense on-prem

Sleep well. Maximum security. All data under your control. Offline setup & usage.

Qlik Sense SaaS

Enjoy the flexibility of SaaS and let the data storage administration being our responsibility.

Hybrid setup

Qlik SaaS apps but you still want to have data on your own server? No problem for Inphinity!

Multiple front-end extensions included:

Forms General

Editable table structure very useful for budgeting, planning or editing multiple rows at once.

Forms Single Record

Single form often used for updating data about one specific employee, customer, product. Can be used for surveys.

Forms Object Commenting

Integrated chat for Qlik users over specific visualizations on their Qlik sheets.

Forms Specific

Develop your own editable front-end extension utilizing the power and security of Inphinity Forms backend

Various data storages:

XML files

Dynamic structure used for ad-hoc use-cases


Dynamic structure stored in Qlik compressed native format


MySQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, HIVE, Snowflake, and others supporting JDBC driver


Forms extension can call external HTTP(S) REST APIs to both, load and save form data

We keep improving

Other types are coming soon

Save data and/or reload the Qlik app:

Save button enables a user to save data without reloading the app. Once the data is saved, all other users can see it in Inphinity Forms object

To refresh the data in other Qlik objects without reloading the app, you can use SSE functions

Reload of the current app – the same as reload started from the Qlik script

Trigger task – the same as trigger task from QMC

Schedule task – the same as schedule task in QMC

Partial reload – the same approach as in other Qlik apps

Inphinity Forms respects the permissions defined in the QMC

When clicking on the button the manual process is done automatically

If a user doesn’t have permissions for a specific action, it won’t be executed

Inphinity Forms fully respects the license policy

The permitted process of scheduling task is just automated

Multiple actions available:

Save data without reload

Recalculate – save data and reload the app

Clear unsaved changes

Export to xlsx

Add new rows

Delete rows

Batch update – update multiple rows at once

You can utilize SSE capabilities to prefill data during the reload of the app

Files can be uploaded to a server directly from Qlik Sense app

Uploaded files are accessible from the Qlik app – they can be downloaded or open in the browser

Forms Object Commenting – discuss results and insights in Qlik visualization (selections can be captured)

Forms General – field type Text can be used to enter notes

Forms Single Record – field type Text can be used for longer notes

Forms Specific – dimension-level structured comments are available

Wide range of design options – and still Qlik-like:

Main field types (text, number, date picker, checkbox, range, currency, switch)

Select box (dropdown) – multiple choices as well as an associated list of options are supported

Stars – customizable number and color of stars; very useful for ratings or importance

Traffic light – an integral part of approval processes

Color picker (or hex input) – as you know from the properties panel

Read-only – show user data from the data storage that isn’t in the data model

File upload

Title, subtitle & footnote

Frozen columns

Background and text colors

Text alignments


Emojis can be used to make the application more visual 📊🚩😍

Bring the context by adding emojis to values in a select box (drop-down menu)

Files can be uploaded to a server directly from Qlik Sense app

Uploaded files are accessible from the Qlik app – they can be downloaded or open in the browser

Update the traffic light visualizing how close you are to reach the target when entering the data

Autocalculate the number of stars based on manual inputs in other fields

Kepp the range actual to visualize the progress according to user entries

Customizable color – by expression

Explanation text in pop-up – by expression

Updated right after entering the data (even before save)

Administration you are familiar with:

When you install Inphinity Forms on your server, it’s fully under your control

Inphinity Forms SaaS is available, too

Automated next-style installer

Forms Admin Qlik app

  • License overview & upgrade
  • Data storages management
  • User access management

Object definition and customization in the properties panel

All types – without permission, read and read&write are supported

User-level permissions – by custom properties

Group-level permissions – by user groups in QMC

Multi-node installation supported by default

Available for both, Qlik Sense Enterprise and Qlik Sense Business Cloud

Hybrid setup needs to be guided by our team

Developed for developers:

UX based on years of experience of Qlik developers

Almost all parameters can be defined by an expression

You can use Qlik native functions or variables to define Inphinty Forms design or behavior

No other management console is needed

Upgrades at least 4 times per year with backward compatibility

We ask for and hear your feedback

We keep integrating Qlik powerful features (e.g. SSE capabilities)

Inphinity Forms extension meets the highest security standards

It was developed to work fully offline

Full changelog and all log files available

Fully respects user permissions, security rules, and section access

Automated multi-node installation to avoid any security issues

We established Inphinity to push the boundaries of the world we were in

Internally, we have many years of experience with the Qlik environment

We work closely with our partners and customers with their own experience with Qlik

A lot of content available:

Demo applications are available on our demo portal

You can download their templates for free

Documentation available directly from the properties panel

FAQ section available

Built-in interactive wizard to help you with the installation

Bi-weekly video series focused on different technical aspects

Step-by-step guides on how to implement specific features

Tips and tricks included 😉

Explore our demo portal

Watch webinars to get inspired by others

See what’s new in the news section

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